Measure, Improve, Evolve.
Enhancing Strategy and Performance
Maximizing Returns from Operational Infrastructure
Planning and Implementing the Right Technology
Engineering Competitiveness Front to Back
Compliance and Operational Risk Reduction
Adapting to Customer Demands and Market Trends



Adapting to Customer Demands and Market Trends

Global Roll-out of Trading Systems
Basis Point Group has organized the global roll-out of Fixed Income, Derivatives and Cash desk trading systems for a major global insurance company.

Compliance Testing
BPG is currently organizing and implementing portfolio and transaction compliance testing and functional procedures for a top global insurance company.

Processing and Recordkeeping Application Assessment
BPG performed a detailed Derivatives processing and recordkeeping application assessment, facilitated the application acquisition process and led the Derivatives recordkeeping implementation project team at the headquarters of a national bank in the Southeastern U.S.

Strategic and Operational Assignments
Basis Point Group has completed a number of strategic and operational assignments under a retained relationship with one of the US' top ten mutual fund companies, including reviewing and assessing Corporate Actions Processing and Controls, Trading and Compliance systems implementation and roll-out.

Processing and Recordkeeping Services
A BPG Partner was retained by a major US custodian providing securities processing and recordkeeping services to mutual funds, investment advisors, banks, insurance companies and other asset managers. He defined trading, clearance and settlement functional requirements to support one of the world's largest outsourcers of investment systems and operations.

Fee-billing System Implementation
For one of the US' top retirement plan services providers, BPG implemented a fee-billing system allowing them to track fees for participants, providers, brokers and related parties.

Product Management and Development Expertise
BPG provides product management and development expertise to a leading provider of investment research and ratings services, e.g. designed, developed and supports the client's customer-base to automatically upload data into their pricing, risk and investment systems. BPG also provides on-going enhancements, maintenance and client support for this service.