Measure, Improve, Evolve.
Enhancing Strategy and Performance
Maximizing Returns from Operational Infrastructure
Planning and Implementing the Right Technology
Engineering Competitiveness Front to Back
Compliance and Operational Risk Reduction
Adapting to Customer Demands and Market Trends



Engineering Competitiveness Front to Back

Study of the Electronic Bond Network (EBN)
Basis Point Group conducted a study of the Electronic Bond Network (EBN) marketplace for major US and one of the world's largest asset management firms (more than $470 billion in assets under management). The goal was to provide managers, traders and technical personnel a better understanding of the nature and scope of business opportunities.

Market Expansion
BPG was retained by a major Northeast US asset manager to define a scaleable systems and operations approach to accommodate market expansion in the area of high-net worth accounts in the Private Client Group. In addition, BPG provided interim management, reviewing operating processes, employee roles and organizational responsibilities, providing management a comprehensive assessment of their operational risks.

Product and Marketing Strategy
BPG provided a detailed product and marketing strategy for a major investment software supplier to establish an operational risk consulting group.

Market Assessment and Due Dilligence
For one of the nation's leading investment software suppliers, BPG performed a fixed income trading and compliance product market assessment and the due diligence needed to support a re-entry strategy into investment management fixed income automation with the emphasis on derivatives.

Project and Client Account Management
BPG served as project and client account manager for the start-up phase in the US of one of Europe's leading investment software suppliers. This included managing the first implementation and adaptation to the US market of their integrated investment compliance and 'violations' tracking solutions.