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FST EU: Ask the Expert. Graham Mellor - OPM: why bother?
FST: Ask the Expert-Graham Mellor (pdf)


Insights and Viewpoints

Need for Speed: Advice in the Thin Client/Fat Client Debate
Dealing with Technology Vol. 4 No. 21, October 8, 2007
Developing a trading system is like trying to build a race car: The faster you want it to go, the larger—and potentially heavier—the engine can become. This is the dilemma of building a trading system; the need for speed versus the desire to avoid bloated software.... Read more...

OPM: why bother?
FST Financial Services Technology, Ask the Expert
Operational performance management (OPM) is critical to routinely measure, monitor and attribute poor performance and reduce or eliminate operational risk says Graham Mellor... Read more ...

The Essentials of Risk Management
FST Financial Services Technology, Executive Head to Head
In todayճ world of complicated hedge-funds and derivatives, as well as threats from global warming and terrorism, keeping on top of your enterpriseճ risk exposure is imperative. Here Graham Mellor, from Basis Point Group, and Andrew White from Reuters discuss the essentials of risk management... Read more...

Operations Performance Measurement: A Framework for Success
Citigroup Investment Management Review, February 2007
Senior managers of money management firms need a systematic means of measuring operational performance,... Read more (pdf)...

Back to Basics: Looking at the Bottom Line
Who would have thought that managing the bottom line of a money management firm would be as challenging as managing for top quartile performance? ... Read more (pdf)...

Outsourcing: A Solution Looking For A Problem?
Although investment advisors use many outside services such as fund accounting, investment research, performance measurement and analytics, there is still some reluctance to outsource middle office investment functions ... Read more (pdf)...


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