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It is extraordinarily hard to quickly isolate errors in a complex environment...
processing millions of trades, corporate actions, collateral and cash transactions.



Operations Performance Measurement
and Attribution

OPERA® measures performance and isolates key performance affecting quickly.

Every firm has operations staff or outsource relationships to correct problems when things go wrong,. Unfortunately, problems can vary by as much as one hundred times their normal operational levels, even in the most stable business environments.

Starting with readily available internal data OPERA® creates an index using event-level information to provide:

  • Comparable Process Measurement
  • Understandable Client Operations Performance
  • Impact of External Organizations on Internal Performance
  • Market Indices for Performance Comparison
  • Daily Performance measured against Benchmark Performance
  • Better Framework to integrate People, Process and Systems

OPERA® is the only client-focused method for continuously examining the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. OPERAĻ provides immediate attribution for all performance affecting events allowing management clear, actionable information that highlights quality hotspots, process performance and risk trends.

Our understanding of the sophisticated measurement and controls needs have prompted us to create our real-time process control methodology and disciplines that provide critically required operating information to managers on a timely basis. Rather than be constrained by backward looking, accounting based verification, BPG's approach utilizes data created in the normal course of operating your business to bring operational managers information they can use to provide better command and control in their respective environments.