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Operations Improvement

OPERA® is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The framework is designed to evolve as your understanding and organizational requirements evolve.

Our approach consists of a three-step implementation beginning with the initial assessment and quantification of your firm's operations performance. This step is followed by a comprehensive diagnostic analysis that leads to continuous process measurement and quality assessment.

Initial Assessment
Beginning with an initial Check-up and Performance Estimate Basis Point Group provides a structured high level snapshot of an entity's operations performance. The entity can be the total organization or a subsidiary, investment group, or other functional group.

BPG collects the initial assessment data and conducts a short review of the organization structure, operating processes and technical application support infrastructure. These steps generally take less than a day. A Basis Point Group Partner then delivers a preliminary performance assessment complete with an overall score, daily performance and other measures and attribution of quality derived from the quantitative information your organization has provided.

The initial assessment also provides management an understanding of the organization's preparedness for comprehensive diagnostic review. As part of the Initial Assessment Report, BPG provides initial OPERA® performance and Unrealized Risk® measures, your firm's performance relative to the OPERA® Operations Performance Benchmark Scale and a comparison to the relevant market benchmarks.

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Quarterly Operations Performance Assessment
Basis Point Group now offers an on-going OPERA® Quarterly Operations Performance Assessment Service. This service provides the same structured snapshot of your operations performance as the initial assessment but extends your knowledge with the inclusion of performance trends that include a summary of operational changes in volatility, complexity, intensity and operations efficiencies well as measurable improvements your organization has initiated during prior quarters.

The OPERA® Quarterly Operations Performance Assessment Report provides operations a measurement capability that rivals the investment organization's performance measurement. OPERA® assesses the effect of internal actions while isolating the impact external organizations and events are having on your overall operational performance.

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Comprehensive Diagnostic Review
The Comprehensive Diagnostic is a detailed process, group and functional organization analysis and review. The comprehensive diagnostic review refines initial assessment measurements providing additional detail of processing hotspots and risk pools. BPG delivers a detailed analysis report highlighting and identifying the cause of potential process instabilities that lead to costly errors and increasing processing risk.

Depending on the potential hotspots identified in initial assessment, a firm may choose to focus on individual areas of operational performance or conduct a broader assessment of performance and risk for the entire organization. Working closely with key managers, the diagnostic review provides the dual benefits of identifying areas for potential actions while teaching managers how to utilize the OPERA® measurement approach.

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Continuous Process Measurement
The final implementation stage of the OPERA® approach is to implement a Continuous Process Monitoring capability that measures and manages quality and risk on an on-going basis. Important firm-centric quality measures are identified and integrated with the core OPERA® quality and risk metrics to assure that the organization, from senior management on down, are provided an appropriate view of critical quality measures for their job responsibilities.

Identifying potentially significant issues as soon as they are discovered, the OPERA® framework provides line management a much more efficient method of isolating, analyzing and correcting potential errors that affect clients and embarrass the firm.

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